Our First, Self-Reflective Post

July 18, 2021

A big hello to our newsletter subscribers! We are so excited to deliver you Mott Haven Fridge news and spotlights each week, and we figure that we should start off with an introduction of our copywriting team as well as our goals and projects for the summer.

Our main team consists of Amina, Malynnae and myself, with Clarissa as our team leader and a little (okay... maybe A LOT) of help from Tamzid and whoever else we pick up along the way to help with graphic design. This summer, we’ll be balancing everything from personal poetic pursuits to parenthood as we work to bring you your more wordy Mott Haven deliverables and fight against food insecurity.

Now, what even is copywriting? In verbal conversation, I usually begin with “not like copyright, as in trademark legal stuff,” and if I’m still seeing confusion, I spell out copyW-R-I-T-E before launching into the rest of the explanation, which really is quite simple. You know all those little words that businesses and organizations like to plaster everywhere? We’re usually the ones who string them together—or at least fine-tune them.

It’s communications work, and we are so looking forward to communicating with YOU this summer! Expect a weekly newsletter and blog posts from us, and keep an eye out for any other social media or website copy that might have come from us too.


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